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Free Tarot Reading

Free Tarot Reading!

Welcome to the official Free Tarot Card Reading site! Here we offer a free tarot card reading service.

Are you feeling unsure about something in your life? Do you have any concerns about what the future holds? Tarot readings can bring peace and tranquility to your mind about various topics.

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Most people thins a tarot card reading is a woman in decorative robes in a small candle lit room, apparently telling you about your future. Most of them are mistaken. There is a lot more to tarot cards that people think! Tarot cards are not specifically made to tell your fortune or future. The concept of tarot cards is dificult to understand, especially for someone who has not yet experienced a tarot card reading.

Tarot is not used to decide your big life decisions and answer your simple 'yes/no' questions as many of you may think, Tarot should be used as a guide to help you make the decision yourself This is why the question being asked in a tarot reading is of much importance.

There are actually 2 different kinds of Tarot readings:

Open Readings and Question Readings

Open Readings:

Open reading simply means the tarot reading will address larger aspects of your life, not for smaller issues or to answer specific questions. This is usually conducted when entering a new chapter of your life, such as: Starting a new family, Getting married or graduating from university. Open readings can be directed for a certain topic, e.g. Health or Relationships etc.. To help the reading go in that direction and give you a general idea of what is going on at that point in your life and to guide you to make the correct decisions.

Question Readings

Questions readings are almost the exact opposite of open readings. Question readings address a specific issue or aspect in your life. As mentioned above, it is not intended to answer your question with a 'Yes' or a 'No' , but to guide you in a direction to make the decision for yourself. This brings back the concept of how

The best way to define how a tarot reading works, is to experience it for yourself. We are here to educate and provide people with a new knowledge. Experience your free tarot reading by clicking here:
Free Tarot Reading